An Exhausting Day

Another very early walk with Finlay - again before 6 a.m. We managed an hour before it got too warm for him. Walking through the woods I was struck by this bright shaft of sunlight falling on the tree and highlighting the ivy leaves.

I did manage to read a few blip journals and was all set for a day of catching up when I was informed that I would be accompanying Mrs madwill to see her mother… what that really meant was that I would be driving Mrs madwill to see her mother…

Another hot drive north to Darlington followed by an afternoon of pushing mother in law in her wheelchair around the village open gardens. I was wrecked by the end..and then had to drive home. By the time I got tea sorted I was in no fit state to do much else, apart from adding my blip for the day.

Tomorrow heralds a day of decorating at our daughter's house! Seriously? In this heat?? Not my idea…. I will need another holiday….

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