MonoMonday: Vice

Si_b's month of MonoMonday vices and virtues continues (thanks si).

Here's a selfie of me trying to look "hard", as a gangster or a mafia guy. I reckon that covers most of the vices - greed, wrath, envy and pride at least!

Once more my trusty Editor came to my rescue, being able to find the pinstripe suit, waistcoat and trilby worn by Son #3 several years ago in a school play (hope you're impressed that I could fit into the trousers without a struggle!!). (The suit was a cheap one from ASDA* and my Editor actually made the waistcoat...come to think of it, with that waistcoat maybe I could manage the English footie team?!)

In case you're worried, no I don't smoke - it's a fake ciggie and the smoke (if you can make it out) is Photoshopped on.

(*Other suppliers of suits are available.)

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