George 'n Harry

By George_n_Harry

Tastes good

Seems that she has a special blip day today.  Six whole years.  How about that!!  That's more than four years older than me!!  I can't imagine that, I really can't.

In other news it's been a bit quiet lately.  I haven't been very well, and no-one knows what's wrong.  Most likely nothing, and I don't want to go back to that rotten vet again.  I thought she was driving there the other day, and I did scridge onto her lap while she was driving, and she tried to put me back, but I scridged right back again.  She was really pleased she didn't see a police-person, because apparently it's against the law to have a small black dog on your lap while you are driving. 

Can't imagine why.  Clearly I having a bit of trouble on the imagination front.

I didn't need to have worried though because I was only gong to the hairdresser which I quite like, but it's on the same road as the vet, and he scares me witless.

Can't imagine why.

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