Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Hazard to navigation

Friend C came for coffee and a nice long chat this morning and we talked about everything under the sun including cameras and yet I forgot to take a picture!  (My lost chance for a human.)

So…. This 72+ ft creosoted pole landed on our beach where we didn’t want it so we went out at high tide last night to move it…but it needed to be grounded so it wasn’t a hazard to some boat traveling in the dark.   We did a good job so here it is tied to the shore today at a low tide.  It was so beautiful on the water last night after sunset. (HERE)

Altho I have said in the past I didn’t want to watch it, (too painful)  we’ve decided to look at the 18 hour Ken Burns documentary on Viet Nam.   An hour or so a night.  Oh my, more than 200 news photographers did a phenomenal job ( and many lost their lives) to record this big mistake.   Our government today is definitely not the only one that lies to the people.  (But yes, it’s current leader is the worst ever insane person imo).   So much we didn’t know or weren’t told or were told lies or just couldn’t listen to with medical school, internship, new jobs and babies taking all our attention at that stage in our life.)    We’re only up to about 1966… it gets worse and worse…but an excellent production as one would expect ….

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