These are just some of the things on the wet winter ground at the moment. Seedy and fibrous they are so interesting through the macro lens.

Feeling a lot better today, not much coughing at all, well, just enough to remind me that it wasn’t all a dream lol!! I slept like a log last night until 4am when the coughing woke me up and i had to move to the couch and prop myself up again and then i slept on until the alarm went off!

Unfortunately Toto now has an infected eye which has become all weepy and so he’s off to the vet first thing in the morning and it will probably be an anti-biotic regime for him!! I’ve been tipping saline solution into it which he isn’t too impressed about but it definitely clears away the debris! The vet was fully booked out this afternoon, must be a lot of sick pets around!

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