Where the Light Gets In

By DHThomas

Theatre practice (wrong part!)

i won't be robin
but i honed my shooting skills
thanks to mike and kay

Maybe you'll remember my first stint as an archer back in March. Well, our neighbours Kay and Mike have been back for just a few days and invited me to a bit of archery practice in their field again. What fun!

This time we shot from 20 metres (only about 15 last time) and apparently I'm still not doing too bad for a rookie archer. I might go and have a look at the nearby archery club after all - I haven't yet, although I've thought of going since April.

This was on Monday. Kay and Mike left on Tuesday morning. In the evening, I auditioned for a part in the troupe's next pantomime: Robin Hood! I didn't audition for the part of Robin, though, but for those of Will Scarlet and the Sheriff of Nottingham!

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