Little Missy!

Yes they’ve arrived in Munich! We slept badly as the room was so hot! So we were in no hurry to move!

Finally we did some shopping in a big store down the road and are the proud owners of two nice white mugs! Also some bowls from Lidl! Etc. While we were out a hot chocolate for me and coffee for Ro! We shared a delicious cake! We picked up some salad etc for lunch.

This afternoon we walked to the Museum Brandhorst. It was so hot that we started in the café. We learnt the difference between iced coffe and ice coffee! Guess which one we opted for! Along with a piece of cheesecake to share! Then round the museum! It was modern art and seemed to be about only two artists: Cy Twombly and Jutta Koether. Both new to me.

On the way I spotted a basket ball net at the very top of a building! Seemed really weird!

Then we joined the little ones with their parents in the local park! LM is now doing really well on a swing!

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