By Majoayee


I'm glad to say the first part of the day was cloudy and cool but since the sun has come out and it's getting warm!
This morning I was trying to sort out photos from iPad --> computer.  Made a lentil stew with a hock of gammon that I found in the freezer and did a wash !  This afternoon a lesson and we looked at an article about the moon landing.  Picked up the girls from school and gave them their tea:  Fish fingers and mash seeing as they refused to try the lentils!  They were very good(the lentils - little brown ones) and I ate loads.  Loads more for the freezer!  Mum collected and then we tidied up and hoovered downstairs. Friday group here tomorrow as well as Grandbaby for the day!!

That's when I decided it really was time to sort out my blip!  Tried an ICM with my 60mm lens but of course you can't zoom in and out with a prime lens!!  So I swapped to the 24 - 85mm lens and it worked!!  I used a zoom movement and played a bit in Photoshop!

Many thanks to Inge who is hosting Abstract Thursday - Intentional camera movement.  

Can you guess the original object?   (Much better Large, if you have time!)

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