Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Could be anywhere ...

Well, perhaps not - wiser eyes than mine would doubtless see some clue to tie this scene irrevocably to the West of Scotland - but looking at this cliff today from a slightly new angle, spotting the cascade of white flowers on the right of the photo (magnolia?) I felt we could have been in Canada, or perhaps some Himalayan foothill.

We were actually back in Benmore Gardens, my pal and I, talking nineteen to the dozen as well as enjoying spotting new plants and the fact of being alive there. It was a glorious afternoon, not too hot but warm enough for t-shirts and shorts (I know: at my age ...) and there were no clegs.

My extra photo is a slightly distant one of a red squirrel hanging by its tail while eating from a peanut-filled bird feeder.

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