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Ecce - bibit arcus!

Why that should come into my mind after all these years, I'm not sure. The whole quote is "Ecce autem bibit arcus. Pluet credo Hercle hodie!"* and it seems to come from Plautus. I think it must've been used to demonstrate a future tense or something, for I've not studied Plautus (and while we're at it, where did "Neat Terence, witty Plautus" come from?) Anyway, the bow really was drinking at both ends this afternoon, and the rain can be seen washing across between me and the far side of the Firth. We'd hit it lucky, choosing to walk right down at Ardyne to the south, and had missed every drop of whatever rain fell this afternoon. 

I can't resist an extra photo of some glorious honeysuckle and that deep blue traily thing I never know the name of at the roadside. I've been reading the Guardian piece on the welcome trend to leave roadside verges and central reservations to grow rather than mowing them to stubble, so that our towns and cities have mini-meadows springing up in unexpected places. Sadly, Argyll and Bute council have yet to exercise their machinery with any distinction - while it may well be necessary to do some cutting back on our narrow roads, it would be wonderful if they attempted rather less than the current indiscriminate hacking.

Rant over. It was great to get out after such an indoors day yesterday.

*But look - the bow is drinking. By Hercules, I think it will rain today."

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