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Busy doing nothing ...

Does reading that title bring a wee tune into your head? Sorry ... At the time, in this muddled sort of day, I felt I was indeed achieving nothing, despite the fact that I felt busy. And yet I look back now and there are things. Three busynesses with tangible outcomes and the other usual activities seeping round them - the couple of hastily-done Duolingo Italian lessons, the walk that gave me my blip of low tide on the beach at Ardyne with these wonderful clouds over all, the advice handed out over the phone...

And the other things? Well, there was Mr PB's new iPhone. It arrived a few days ago now and has been sitting in the hall waiting for something to happen, and today we set it up. I say "we" because I have an identical one and have been through the fancy quick set-up already: you put the new phone beside your old one and, after a fancy little graphic recognition thing, all the information on the old one miraculously is transferred to the new. I even helped with fitting the nice clear case on the back.

And then I got settled down to complete a project I started yesterday, making a YouTube film to accompany a recording of one of Mr PB's wonderful organ piece, Arabic Alleluia, based on an Arabic Christian chant. He first played it at Christmas a few years ago now, and every time I hear it I want to be able to play it whenever I please. Now I can. I'm delighted with it, and with the photographs which my sister took on a holiday in Syria and which seem to be well married to the music. You can see it, and hear it, through the link above. 

My final act was to make pasta. From scratch. Ravioli, to be precise. My daughter-in-law had a kit sent as a surprise gift for a rainy day, and I made it for dinner tonight - ravioli filled with ricotta, parmesan and spinach, served with a fresh tomato and basil sauce. It was quite a fiddle, and dinner was as a consequence a tad late (also because I was wandering about on beaches taking photos when I might have been cooking). It was, however, utterly delicious, and I'm posting an extra photo to prove that I can do something.

Oh: something else I can do, and did do: I made another totally successful sourdough loaf. Perhaps I was more productive than I feared.

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