Day two of Apple Camp today. Having learnt the basics of Clips on Monday today was a more practical session. Using the very exciting Apple Pencils they drew Storyboards for their films. 
Miss E's involved a girl who's bored playing on her phone and then mysteriously she gets sucked into the phone and into a sci-fi Tron-esque world where she has to go on a quest to find certain objects to get through the video game levels and finally escape back to her normal world. The magical objects included a new iPad Pro, A rainbow coloured Apple Watch, Headphones, phone case and a wireless speaker.
Once she found them all a Star Trek-esque wobbly camera and a swirly fall to the ground on her part and she woke up back in Kansas the real world. Phew!!
She was so clever filming all the shots out of order and then editing them to make the final masterpiece.
Miss L's was the story of a drone flying Mad Scientist who arrived in a town to terrorise everyone and destroy the town, the townspeople are terrified running around screaming and then hiding from the Mad Scientist. Then our heroine - Miss L - decides enough is enough: they can't live like this!!!!
I will destroy you proclaims the Mad Scientist like a maniac.
No!! I will destroy you!!!!! yells brave Miss L and points her Apple Pencil laser gun at him.
He dies a grisly death and the townsfolk cheer. Whoop whoop!!!!!
Once they'd filmed all the shots they had about quarter of an hour to edit them and add emojis and stickers and filters. As many as possible - they're not a generation who believes less is more when it comes to the creative process!!!! 
We're going back on Friday for the last session for a bit more editing and then a showcase of all the finished films!
From there we went to Bounce for an hour's bouncing (them) and internet browsing (me). We had it virtually to ourselves which was nice.
Thoroughly knackered, hot and sweaty it was home for an afternoon watching their new favourite film Cop and a Half (New Recruit), vaguely tidying up and watering the garden.

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