By Viewpoint

Butterflies and not Joseph’s cat today

A beautiful start to the morning and the butterflies were out in force on next doors buddleia.  No sign of the cat, though earlier he had been drinking from the birds water.  The butterflies were very active, so hard to photograph but the small white and the meadow brown decided to pose.  It is lovely to see them back this year.  I’ve discovered The Big Butterfly Count starts tomorrow.

Merv and I visited Earnshaws Fencing Centre this morning to check out their trellis fencing. My plan is to revamp the garden so we look out at shrubs and plants again and not onto the ugly yellow fencing and shed that our new neighbours have put up.

We were also choosing sheds while we were there, mine is going to be a printmakers shed and I picked one out for Merv - very nice it was too - a touch of wishful thinking!   Earnshaw's have revamped their site since the last time I was there, which may have been 15 years ago.  In fact the wooden box that our rhododendron is growing in might easily be 25 years old.

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