Abstract Thursday: Sportive

Ingeborg's optional theme for today's AT challenge is "sportive" (many thanks once again for hosting, Ingeborg).

This shot is almost straight-out-of-camera (I've increased the vibrancy of the colours a little, that's all) although I deliberately used manual focus in the camera to blur it, in order to produce splashes of vivid abstract colour. It'll probably be a bit "Marmite-like": you'll probably either like it or hate it - I'll take that risk!

Why is it "sportive"? Well, it's actually a kids football which I found in the corner of our garden, half-hidden behind some leaves. Footballs regularly appear unannounced in our garden, as the young lads who live next door are sometimes a tad too energetic when practising their football kicks in their garden. Their Mum & Dad are always very apologetic but we don't mind at all (we just throw them back...gently!). In fact we'd be very mean if we did mind: when our Son #3 was young and living here, he used to practise his tennis shots against our back wall for hours on end, and his tennis balls frequently landed next door; the old couple who lived there at the time were very understanding about it. So now the tables are turned!

REMINDER TO ALL NORTH-EAST ENGLAND BLIPPERS (or any other blippers in the area at the time): Blipmeet this Saturday, starting at 11am at the Sage, Gateshead - details on the blipmeet page here.
Blipper Dollydoug has kindly mentioned that the Newcastle Pride Parade takes place on Saturday:  it leaves the Civic Centre at 12 noon, moves down Northumberland Street and then around town and up towards Nuns Moor Park where the music and concerts are held.  I don't think it's likely to be a problem to us, but there may be extra travellers on public transport so it may be worth taking that into account in your plans.

If you need to contact me about the blipmeet (even on the day, eg if you can't find us) you can email me at davidcblipper@gmail.com: I'll do my best to respond quickly via the email app on my phone.

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