Flower Friday: (Wet) Marguerite

We've had another (very welcome) period of heavy rain this afternoon, so we're hoping that the yellow lawn soon starts to turn green again!

Not many presentable flowers in the garden today, but I thought this marguerite looked quite pretty in spite of (or because of?) all the raindrops on it.

Thanks to BikerBear for hosting FF.

Note: Another possible hitch regarding our Newcastle/Gateshead blipmeet tomorrow:
Just realised we may be competing with the SummerTyne Americana Festival at the Sage tomorrow, although I think it's basically an evening event. If we can't get in to the cafe, however, or it's too crowded, I suggest meeting outside the Sage at the Baltic end - by the car park. Email me on davidcblipper@gmail.com if there's a problem.

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