Silly Saturday: Moon Landing Special!

Recently declassified documents reveal that when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin stepped out of the Eagle onto the surface of the moon exactly 50 years ago, they were surprised but delighted to be welcomed by this rather endearing creature. However, the American authorities, mindful of the concerns surrounding the Roswell "UFO" incident back in 1947, felt that earthings were not yet ready to be made aware of this extraterrestrial life form, so it was kept quiet and has only recently come to light.

(To be honest, we had another trip today to the Bowes Museum, this time with Son #2 amd his partner, and this creature was on display - in the bubble as in the photo. So I've only tweaked it for the colour pop and the removal of some distractions in the background.)

As always, many thanks to admirer for hosting the Silly Saturday Challenge.

I've added an extra in respect and admiration for Neil & Buzz, and Michael Collins who stayed in the Command Module. (I should also include the Apollo 1 astronauts who died in a fire  on the launch pad during tests - and indeed all those who have died during the exploration of space.) The extra is a collage of photos which I took from our TV screen exactly as they were first transmitted, 50 years ago. Like so many folk round the world, I sat up all night with my eyes glued to the TV and my camera on a tripod in front of it, ready to take these shots. The time on the photo is, of course, British Summer Time in the early hours of 21st July, but it was still 20th July in the USA.

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