Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK


First of all thank you so much for the very kind comments stars and hearts for my 3000th blip yesterday... I had no intention of a selfie but that’s what worked out :-) and I am happy to have it with Maple. I didn’t know that I knew so many blippers,! You are a wonderful bunch!

Today needs to be simple. There has been a LOT of wind this summer at the island. Not storms but just incessant wind that keeps blowing. I hate wind. As a sailor that is an odd comment I know but now it makes me anxious. I can get away from the noise in my studio. When the windsock on our dock looks like this it’s too much wind for us to row. And I hate to miss so many days. We did take the tin boat to the marina in the wind and spray to check the mailbox, make sure our brand new very dusty car runs ( it did) and pick up a few groceries at the marina because we didn’t want to drive to the store on Galiano (10 min!) and lose our good parking space. We are weirdly content staying put at our cabin, with the dog, and have had no visitors these 2 weeks. And perhaps 1 more. Unusual. No complaints.

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