By GracieG

Action photography…

…was the subject of the latest photo workshop that B and I attended, hosted by P and L of the North Norfolk Photographic Society.  We were taught about manual exposure, capturing birds in flight both using a fast shutter speed to freeze motion and a slow shutter speed to produce a more arty, ethereal look.  This workshop is one of several being run free for our members this summer as part of the group’s ‘coast project’.  The landscape one I attended the day before was excellent too.
Strictly speaking, the main blip of the mallard duck was not part of the brief, but whilst I was kneeling on the edge of the pond at Salthouse taking shots of black-headed gulls, two mallard ducks came and sat with me for a while and then one of them got up to stretch her legs, and I couldn’t resist taking this photo as I have a real fondness for female mallards.  I think they are often overlooked in favour of the showier male but I think they have a lot of character and are very pretty.
I have included a couple of photos as extras which demonstrate the types of photos that we were supposed to be taking:).

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