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Calne (Friday 20th July 2018)

On my way into Calne this morning I came across this growing near the town centre in the gutter of the A4, behind the double-yellow lines. It looks to me like a kind of morning glory, so I think it is a wildflower. It is amazing how flora manages to grow through cracks in pavements and walls to green up and brighten our bleakest areas.

Refna made a welcome return for Gardening Friday today after a couple of weeks absence due to my Midlands trip and other things.

With thanks of course to bikerbear for Flower Friday.

Edit: Thanks to Miranda for pointing out they are most likely petunias, therefore self-seeded from the nearby Town Gardens.

20.7.2018 (1801 hr)

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Taken with Panasonic/Leica DMC-LX100 Micro 4/3rds compact

Lozarhythm Of The Day:
Alton Ellis - I'm Still In Love (With You Girl) (1977)
Alton Ellis wrote and first recorded this with Clement Dodd for Studio One in 1967 and has recorded it many times since then including duet versions with his sister Hortense Ellis and others. This 1977 self-produced version for Bam-Bam Records in Jamaica closely follows the original arrangement and its 'riddim' was used on a number of other songs including Althea and Donna's big crossover hit Uptown Top Ranking. My September Mojo landed on the mat this morning with a compilation celebrating the 50th anniversary of the British label Trojan, Reggae Nuggets, which opens with this cut that was released here on their subsidiary Horse label.

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