Good Evening Ladies

It's been another lovely day but I thought I'd go out in the evening. A mistake as it turned out as the day clouded over. I quite liked the sheep that  reflected a little of the evening light as the sun went down.

I hope I'm not speaking too soon but I've been on a bit of a learning curve with the network storage thatI've been putting together. I bought a unit with no disk drives and I've been gradually moving stuff from external hard drives and installing them into the unit. It works out much cheaper doing this and I knew the disks would become redundant. I now have them all installed and reformatted to work together in an array with sufficient built in safety in case of a drive failure and I can start uploading the files. I know this sounds like gibberish to many of you and indeed it was to me a week ago but I'm fairly confident it will be a good solution and I'll be able to use the files on both my machines. I should be able to access files when I'm away from home but this doesn't feel like much of a priority to me at the moment. Isn't technology wonderful (he said with his fingers firmly crossed).

We have a new pub in the village. It's not exactly new, it's been there hundreds of years but with new owners and a return to a previous name the Commercial, now the 'Old Commercial Inn' is rejuvenated and a great place to be. I met a friend there this evening and it was great to hear a hubbub of sound as I walked down the hill. Lots of folk I knew were in there after a several years when few people used it. Great to have our pub back.

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