Keeping a watchful eye

Love this with Mum, or is it Dad, keeping an eye on the young gull.
Both were there but one of them wandered out of shot, obviously a bit shy or maybe getting ready to attack me!
While we've been going to the hospital since 12 June I've been watching three young gulls on a flat rooftop, it was only a single story building which you could see from the parents rest room in the maternity building.
They were quite inactive at the beginning but we've seen them become more mobile, stretching and flapping their wings and even jumping a few inches to a foot off the ground while flapping.
One day there was only two, the third was spotted on a slightly higher part of the flat roof. A few days later one of them was on the ground, pecking away, another few days and all three had flown off. 
I'l miss those youngsters but hope they have a good life in Gloucester, probably on the land fill site or eating discarded McDonalds!
If only they knew what it was like at the seaside, maybe an older gull will tell them the tales and they will get an urge to go to see the sea, I hope so anyway.

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