By JoeyG


I may never be the cook that my Mum was. She was all over her kitchen - cooking, baking, prepping, freezing. I am a 41yr old kitchen novice; but I am trying.

This rocking Saturday night I have started rewatching Grey’s Anatomy from the very beginning (I originally gave up after three seasons as it got boring - will see if I feel the same this time round.). It took me the first two episodes to peel, end and chop this lot.

Dad brought me round a whopping crop from his garden. Mum would always cook it so I can’t let it go to waste. Depending on how much it makes once it has reduced I’ll either make a crumble from it or have it with yoghurt.

It’s very satisfying take something from the garden, prep and cook it. Can’t wait to nosh it!

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