Green Heron

Almost 3 inches of rain fell yesterday.  When the sun appeared this morning, I headed out to the sunflower field at Hughes Hollow.  I was hoping to get some birds on the flowers, knowing full well that the flowers might not be in very good shape after all that rain.  Like a complete knucklehead, I wore my hiking shoes and not my rubber boots.  

As I headed down the path to this sunflower field which is about a 1/2 mile from the parking area, I came to a washout, where the water was well over my ankles.  Some fellow came along walking the opposite way, wearing just flip flops.  He just took them off and waded through in his bare feet.  Yuck!  Bare feet was definitely not an option for me so I turned around and instead spent time with the dragonflies, and came across a couple of Green Herons.  

Note to self:  keep boots in the car. 

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