Bye Bye Ruinerwold

We're in the car driving through Germany on our way home (Helle is driving!).

Yesterday was an emotional day. Hero and I performed well and the judges rewarded us with a great score. We were placed 3rd as we left the ring half through the competition. Top 10 would qualify for the individual final.

When there were 3 teams left, Hero and I were on 10th place. 2 of the last 3 beat us and pushed us out of the final and into 12th place. I was happy with that.

At the prize giving ceremony, we were called up on 11th place. We were surprised but thought we had misheard one of the results, when they were announced.

It turned out during the evening though, that the mistake was with the team, who should have placed 11th, but was placed 18th.

The mistake was corrected today and Hero was 12th. I am super happy with that, but still a bit frustrated with all the mess. The organizers have apologized to us personally, so we'll try to let it go.

Hero really was my hero yesterday. He's never performed the Ghost Story better.

Today we have enjoyed the individual final - the 10 best HTM teams and the 10 best Freestyle teams in the world.

We also celebrated Hero and Jazz' birthday with the team. The extra is a picture of their cake.
We celebrated a little early. They are 8 on Tuesday.

We left the venue at 5 pm and now we're about 500 km from home.

See you tomorrow
Emmy and the Hazyland Boys

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