Bee in my bonnet

My honeybees have all of a sudden accepted the "wildflower" (read mixed annuals) patch and so I decided it was payola day. I was going to get my reward.

So dived into the beehives full of joy at the thought of all the honey packed frames. Didn't stay that way long and not just because I got stung for the first time this year by one that fell on/in my open sandal-like shoes but because while they have been very busy and three out of four hives are jammed packed with bees, they are concentrating on producing more brood frames and depositing the honey around the edges rather than simply concentrating on solely honey filled frames. Out of over 100 frames, I did manage to find five that were passable but that is not enough to set up all the equipment. I will give them one more week and then if necessary will take radical action.

Watch out bees, you are in danger of being trumped or did I mean not?

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