Half Mountain

Early evening walk with the dogs on the edge of Ottobeuren (Schickling walk). It was really a little too early for old Flash on this hot day but I needed to get some things from the shops before they closed at 8:00 pm.

I know the Brits like to keep their Fahrenheit, furlongs, guineas, farthings, feet, yards, pounds, ounces, stones and all that but I do have to say that once you get used to the metric system and the use of the 24 hour clock, it does make life less complicated and saves doubt. 20:00 is a lot clearer than eight ö'clock. And I do wish that the Sky News presenters would .stop commenting on the weather map showing quite clearly the temperatures in Centigrade by saying "in old money 80° Fahrenheit.

Although I guess now that we know the UK is going to crash out in style, it's best they stay with the imperial confusion. At least it reflects the laughable state of affairs that is being presented to the world by May and ranks her very close to that other wonderfully intelligent "Thing" called Trump.

I rather liked this view especially the lone tree on the horizon with the one small cloud and the contrast of the lush green grass on one side and a ripened cereal field on the other (Could that tree symbolise May with the two opposing own factions?).

If anyone is thinking of leaving the sinking ship, if only for a long weekend or so, there is a farm in the hamlet (about 15 houses) at the top right, which rents out three self-contained flats each with 2 bedrooms, kitchenette, sitting room, bathroom which hold 5 people each. Cost per flat/night including cleaning fee is between 39€ and 49€. Less than 10€/person. And they will deliver your fresh bread & rolls in the morning. I think the furniture & fittings are somewhat "rustical" (should be no problem for the average backward looking Brexiteer) but apparently clean and very friendly. The hamlet is called Halbersberg or half hill/mountain and is I guess no more than 10 minutes stroll from the centre of Ottobeuren. I have placed today's Geomarker on the flats rather than the place I took the photo from.

Luna did manage a cooling swim in the river and even Flash dipped his toenails. Luckily we don't have the shark-infested waters as being experienced in the Conservative Party Fish Bowl, English Channel and even now the beaches of New York. However, we met a lady and her young Border Collie that we know well on our way to the river and she told me her dog had to undergo emergency surgery/stitching last week when he also went swimming and cut his leg badly almost severing a ligament probably due to broken glass.

Nowhere and nothing is safe nowadays.

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