By schorschi

Sweating over oven

Midday the parcel arrived with the new function switch for the oven which has been out of operation for a good week. I didn't order it until Friday afternoon so that was good service.

I know nothing about such things, did a bit of Youtube research to get the idea but couldn't find a stand-alone oven. Deduction said I had to get it out of the island brick unit it was stuck into with silicon so as to get at the screws. Knowing what a hard job it had been to get the silicon in two years ago, it hurt taking a carpet knife to the seal.

Went very well & it was quickly evident with just two small screws the ceramic hob was off exposing the hundreds of wires & switches. For its age (we got it secondhand) there was virtually no dirt/grease in the joints and the oven air vent. The worst part was cleaning off the silicon on the oven & the bricks.

Changing the switch was easy, just having to be careful to transfer the dozen or more connectors. As always on such work with sharp thin metal casing, the odd drop of blood but not enough to confuse the wire colours.
Fuse back in and test - Bingo. Put it all together, vacuum up my mess & finally push the unit back into its housing. I am going to take my time doing the new silicon. Need to think of how to reduce the large gap that means the silicon sausages fall down.

Was very late when Luna and I got out for the evening walk in Ottobeuren. I needed to find a pre-made meal to test out the oven later, getting into the supermarket minutes before they closed at 8:00 pm - Lasagne. Not delicious but filling together with a cucumber from the greenhouse.

Luna enjoyed her sim although, at some point when she gets exhausted, she looks for a shallow area to rest. In the top right-hand corner is where we saw the Killer Beaver swimming last week, so kept away & luckily at the spot we choose there was a family with a small child also paddling. Think the beaver would have gone for the child had it been exploring other waters.

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