Wildlife in danger

As a long-time supporter of what was initially called the Jersey Wildlife Trust and is now known as the Durrell Wildlife Trust, we visited their headquarters at Jersey Zoo four times during our week on the island. 

Situtated at Les Augrès Manor, in Trinity, the zoo was founded by the late Gerald Durrell and exists to look after and breed endangered animals and has a large number of successes under its belt. It's particularly concerned with the lemurs of Madagascar, where the habitat is being very rapidly removed. This is a Black and White Ruffed Lemur. One species not to be missed is the Aye-aye, a strange, huge-eyed lemur which is active at night, hence the unlit indoor cages. They have an extended middle digit which is used to extract the insides of eggs!

Durrell not only breeds endangered species at the zoo and eventually releases them back in their native countries, but trains young naturalists from many countries to set up conservation programmes at home.

A very worthwhile cause to support. My extra is of Gerald Durrell himself.

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