By stujphoto

Belhaven Seascape

This morning went down to the rocky part of Belhaven Bay beyond the Winterfield Golf Links. My intention was to experiment with my long exposure filters as I nowhere a 3 stop neutral, a little stopper (5 stops) and a big stopper (10stops). Sadly the sea was relatively calm as the wind was blowing from the south west i.e.. blowing out to sea so the waves were more like wavelets. However, I was able to see the differentiation in smoothing out the sea tones with exposures of 0.6 sec, 5 seconds and a minute. However, I decided in the end that I preferred the shots I had taken prior to using these filters as there were a few more blue patches in a slightly brighter sky and the sky reflections in the foreground rock pool were more pronounced which otherwise tended to look a bit stagnant.

I obviously need to experiment further when the sea is a lot more turbulent as I am sure the various filters will then produce markedly different effects.

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