A Day Worth Recording

By Cheeseminer

Mmmm... Children...

Two first-time garden'y visits today.  

First off, "Queenswood" in Herefordshire - the home of a Gruffalo Trail carved by our favourite chainsaw carver.  The aforesaid Gruffalo is nicely tucked away in a glorious stand of Redwoods.  

That said, even if you go you may never see it, as road signage to Queenswood is abysmal and the entrance verging on lethal.  Oh yes, and "Queenswood and Bodenham Lake" is a tad misleading as a venue title.  Yes, Bodenham Lake is there, ... on the other side of the A49 and 1.5km of unpathed scrub.

The other garden was very different - Meeting had organised a trip to Westonbury Mill Water Gardens where the owner, over some years, has transformed (with liberal use of a JCB) a patch of land into an array of water channels, streams, ponds and quirky features.  My favourite of the latter was the dome-shaped folly made out of bottles (see extra).  At a quick estimate, I'd say around 3000 wine bottles.

..which may go some way to explain some of the other quirky features.

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