Wednesday, July 25, 2018

These seed pods are hanging on a Texas Mountain Laurel tree (it looks more like a bush to me). They sound like rattles when shaken.  I blipped these a few years ago and a fellow blipper in Scotland requested a few, so off they went.  I think he painted them to look like caterpillars. 

Hot as the dickens the last several days.  We broke the record daily high yesterday by a mile.  It hit 112°/45°.  I'm sure we broke another record today because we matched yesterday's temperature.  It's not supposed to be this hot in July. June, yes.  July, no.   Overnight lows are only in the 80's.  Icky sticky.
Mom's roof is being completely replaced next week. Between the noise, stuff being tossed off of the roof and four open skylights during their replacement I can't have her stay there for health reasons. I called yesterday to order an oxygen concentrator for her to use here.  Apparently, when I called this morning to check the delivery time, a second order was placed. This afternoon both drivers showed up at the same time. I don't think they minded so much after I invited them in to cool off with some water and have an air-conditioned chat.

Icky sticky. Too redundant? 

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