Impossibly cute

When we booked this B&B, it didn't have much of a website, which was because it had literally just opened a couple of months ago. So it was only when I came to look at it again just before driving up here today that I realised that they also care for orphaned joeys.

Feeding time is at 4.45pm (well, that's the one they invite the guests to participate in), and it is just too cute for words. I don't think having a wee joey snuggled up in his pouch on my lap whilst giving him a bottle was one of my anticipated life experiences, but it was great fun. And as Alf says, it must be great to spend the day in a pouch with someone feeding you occasionally. In our case, you would just have to substitute the milk with wine or beer.

This is a splendid place. We arrived here mid afternoon, having wound our way up gently from Brisbane Airport where we picked up the car. Lunch in Kennilworth (where there is an excellent creamery and an excellent bakery). A lovely way to start our long weekend of relaxing. We're both hoping to catch up on some missing sleep and to get our bodies properly adjusted to Australian time. This is just what the doctor ordered.

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