By ArcLight

The Movement House

Another new #leithwalkshop. It's very #newtrendyleith - a movement studio and a vegan/vegetarian cafe. Called nourish.

It's £80 per month (*only* £45 for the first month and they are currently punting at Festival visitors at that price), and it's virtually next door to Projekt 42, which is clearly less trendy, but which - for £35 - permits you a much wider range of classes, access to a well equipped gym, and the knowledge that £10 out of your subscription is going straight back into their community work. So the Movement House must be really special, but at that price I'm not going to try and find out.... I'm sure I've photographed the predecessor occupier of this shop, but I cannot find it amongst my leithwalkshops, so I guess I never actually blipped it.

As it happens I went to Projekt 42 this morning, to a Pilates class with a different and - I thought - rather good instructor. I forgot my camera, so had to take this with the phone. There's always a solution, these days. I knew I would forget something - first day back after holiday, etc. etc. Luckily it wasn't something that I couldn't manage without, like my laptop or my reading glasses.

By the way, I never thanked people properly for the kind comments on my not-really-a-blipday blip and the blips of my son's wedding at the weekend. Thanks!

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