By ArcLight

And home

Not this, of course. We live in a flat. But norfolkdoc's lovely garden, specifically the pond/wild meadow area, backlit by the morning sunshine.

It was another warm night, with not a breath of air until just after dawn. I left the curtains open, as they have very little ambient streetlight around their house, but even that didn't make the room any cooler.

Although we were sad to leave them, we were happy to be travelling (in our chilled tinbox which did us proud in the circumstances - and yes we know that airconditioned cars are part of the problem not the solution) to a slightly less hot Edinburgh. It was still baking every time we stepped out of the car, including when we visited the supermarket just before arriving home. However, having opened all the balcony doors, and the windows, we've got a breeze going through the flat and it's clouded over and might rain later. I won't be sad! It's nice to have warm weather, but it's frankly too hot to work, so I would struggle from tomorrow onwards if this were to persist.

It's been quite a week away. Two old friends on Thursday. Family and friends from Friday onwards. The wedding on Saturday. More family stuff thereafter. And a quiet couple of days with norfolkdoc and W as decompression and as a means to overcome any post wedding blues.

We came home to find that Scottish Power are still hounding L for money in respect of his now sold flat. I need to photograph the bills and send them on to him on his honeymoon....

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