There's plenty of rosebay willowherb on this bit of the river bank, just along from us. However, right under the new development, along the bit of riverbank that was previously never accessible, there is a tremendous amount of himalayan balsam. I hope that the people who do such a great job of keeping the Water of Leith looking spruce are able to access that bit of the bank to try and tame the intruder, or it will take over.

We took a fairly long walk, mainly around the paths and parks, this morning just after breakfast. It was quite warm and humid, although not that sunny. On and off during the day, the sun came out, although it was windy and at one point in the mid afternoon it actually rained. We did sit out for a while with a cup of tea, but it was too windy to read out there.

Another quiet day. We should probably be more adventurous with our weekends, but this weekend neither of us really felt up to it. The news from around the world reminds us that the virus is still very much with us.

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