By ArcLight


St Giles is disappearing behind the rapidly evolving "new" St James centre, along with the Balmoral which will be less missed. The #stateofthatview has changed quite a bit from February, when the buildings were not visible from the balcony.

This was as good as the weather got today. The middle of the day was very wet indeed, and then later on it has got extremely misty so you can barely see the centre of town. The heatwave is missing in action, but I can't say I'm sad. It was too hot in the office to work yesterday, and I don't want that to continue, so - sorry Edinburgh festival and everyone else - I would be happy with a grey and rainy August.

A standard Saturday, with a trip to the supermarket, fiddling with laundry, and a visit to the gym for me. I've remembered I have book group on Monday, so I've started reading the book, somewhat belatedly.

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