By FauxPunk



I think Mathew actually took this pic. Either way, it's as amazing as it looks.

I wished now I'd bought tickets for the rides. We got there with only 1/2 an hour til closing time, and didn't realise the only opportunity to buy tickets was at the bottom. If I ever go back, I'm definitely doing ALL the rides on the top of Stratosphere.

It had been another busy day. We went to Freemont Street in the day, then decided to go back at night to see the reputedly amazing light show. Back at the strip, we went to see a Drag act that was fairly decent. I have no idea where Cher hid the non-Cher bits, but fair play.

Then we went to Freemont Street to find we'd managed to miss the lightshow, and the place was a bit deserted. I think we stopped off at Stratosphere on the way back to the hotel (though I could be wrong, maybe it was the other way round). We definitely devoured a late-night McDonalds which was RUBBISH.

There are more pics of the Vegas stretch of the hol on flickr.

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