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By clickychick

A Night In The Palace (2) Posing Robin

So much to say about today!

Although we were having time away in the caravan, we needed to return to the holiday lodge to wait for a plumber. When The Man dropped me off I told him I wouldn't need my camera out of the car.

Because it was so damp today the visitors had decided to stay in the lodge this morning and, over a cup of coffee on the veranda, I discovered that one of them had a new camera and wished she knew more about photography.

Well, that was me started! No need to sit around making polite conversation when I could be giving her the info we give our course students. By the end of the 2-hour allotted appointment time, the plumber rang to say he was running late and would be another half hour.

I rang The Man and got him to come back for me and we went for a bite to eat. When he dropped me back I took my camera bag in as the lady had left her Canon at home. It was time for some practical work now and I let her try some of the things we had discussed this morning. I had just put the telephoto lens on when this robin popped up onto the handrail. I had the camera in my hand so I got a shot. Totally wrong settings but it worked!

Now by the time the plumber arrived I should have been at PaulaJ''s for a mini blipmeet! Rang to apologise and got there eventually!

What an absolutely wonderful afternoon we had! Believe it or not, I don't think we 4 blippers talked about photography, except for me wishing I had taken a mono photo of Shackleton's ship in ice in 1915! 

PaulaJ  and I have met a couple of times before and our husbands, Jerra and High Pike were at school together. Well anyhow, we talked and talked and talked. The reason they had invited us was that our caravan site was only a mile or so from their house.

As we left Paula asked if she could blip us.

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