Plus ça change...

By SooB


If only I had had the energy to bestir myself and turn the tap on, this could have been a very different shot.

Early start for some work, then the joy of keeping the kids guessing about whether dementia has yet set in, by waking them up at 9 vacuuming the terrace outside. (They have previously complained that they will have no clue when we finally lose our marbles, so odd is our day to day behaviour.)

Then off to Toulouse to pick up the outdoor fabric, and back to see the new cooker onto the premises. (It’s very shiny!) Let’s see if Mr B spots it when his delayed flight finally arrives.

Lots of work. Some of it a bit head-hurting, trying to keep all the bits of the jigsaw in mind at the same time, and some a bit intimidating. I know I should be reassured by the trust that is being put in me, but I’m not built that way.

Watched a fabulously odd thing with the kids (Flowers) which will make a reappearance, but the kids say they can only cope with one a night.

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