Abstract Thursday 161 Festive?

A very busy day today, as tomorrow evening we are leaving for our holiday.  I've had quite a bit of work of the paid variety to get through as well as the usual preholiday household jobs to do. 
Violet is at last feeling much better after her further bout of tonsillitis and made it to nursery for the first time this week.  She came over to us afterwards until her mummy could fetch her this evening after her 3 day work course.
This sort of abstract is really very similar to last week's effort: a photo taken with my camera, sent to my phone to get a quick DeepArt effect  and voila! It doesn't really subscribe to the theme, but Violet was certainly feeling very cheerful, to be feeling better and ready for her holiday tomorrow.
The heatwave continues hotter  than ever: not a good time for the air conditioning to stop working in my car last week!

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