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Chocolate Santa

With only 42 days to go I was heartened to come across this window display on my local high street.
It somehow reminded of a recent trip to the Cairngorms where I was privileged to meet the local reindeer herders complete with sleighs and reindeer in training for the forthcoming festivities. Seems that in the season to be cheerful the animals are trucked around the country to delight shoppers in various centres of good cheer and promote the Santa brand in return for some well earned readies. Good luck to them is all I can say, sounds like hard graft although one herder was heard to exclaim that "it's better than ending up on the dinner plate". I assume she was referring to the noble animals and not to herself.
Now, I know that reindeer once roamed our land and that they, along with herds of wildebeest, swept majestically across the Highlands, tearing up the place and generally causing mayhem. But what does a little old man with a long beard and a dubious habit of persuading parents to allow him to let kids sit on his knee have to do with shopping. In case you miss him, he's on the bottom right.

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