Dry shores on a wet day

Loch Tarsan is a hydro scheme which is the same age as myself - one of those schemes that , post war, brought "power to the glens".   I took this picture  (which shows the extent of dried out shore on both sides) on my way back from Dunoon at lunchtime, when it was - surprisingly - raining ! 

When we first came to live in Cowal there were older people who remembered when this  part of Glen Lean and Glen Tarsan had been a farm. the buildings for which (now underwater)   are meant to lie just round the point you can see in the picture.

I have never seen any photographs of the glen being flooded but there must be some given the comparatively recent change in use.    The level today, though, after one of the driest summers in those 65 years, is at about the lowest I  can remember with the exception of a partial draining a couple of years ago when work was required on the inlet and pipe work that takes the water down to the generating station by Loch Striven. 

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