Arkensiel Photography

By arkensielphoto

Runner Beans

We have had two builders working in the kitchen area this week and much progress has been made. Next week we will have one builder and possibly a plasterer and maybe someone to do the floor, although that might be the week after.
Today’s picture is, I thought, of two small runner beans, which despite the drought are growing. Looking more closely, after I had downloaded the picture to my computer I can see that there is at least one more close by. The tomatoes are getting bigger, although they are still green. The plums on one of our trees are so heavy that the branches are bending; they are not quite ripe yet. One of the branches on my daughter’s plum tree has broken due to the weight of fruit on it.
There was a brief thunder storm during the early hours of this morning, not enough for the natural pond to have any water in it. The day has been hot again although more storms are forecast.

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