A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

Earl on a Maypole

Woke to clear blue skies but it was clouding up when we left the hotel after breakfast.
We were right next to the Castle Keep which I have been up with my daughter but I have never looked closely at the Black Gate, the other remaining part of the medieval Castle which was the entrance to the old city, right next to St Nicholas Cathedral originating in the same period. Nearby is the Bigg Market which was where the Barley and other commodities were sold - slightly different reputation nowadays as a nighttime, hen and stag hot spot!
If you are familiar with Newcastle or travel though by train you will know the railway passes right through the Castle. Those Victorians had their priorities right!

We then took a stroll up Grey Street. The best part of Newcastle aside from the Quay and what must be the most elegant street in Britain (think it has won awards as such). I was sad to see quite a few empty premises but they were all close together so maybe they are undergoing some renovation. A surprise at the top, Charles Earl Grey himself all dressed up on his column! It is apparently part of the Great Exhibition of the North. It is to celebrate the collective achievements of the North and feats for equality reflecting the Earl's work to achieve a fairer society when he was Prime Minister. You can see a gull on his head too. Not that unusual but another thing I have learned on this visit is that the nesting birds on the bridge and other quayside bulidings are Kittiwakes. They form an important and protected nesting site as they are in decline in many places and are only there for part of the year.
As we got back to the car there was the first few spots of rain.
Yesterday heading up to the hotels sun lounge and terrace to look at the view we met a bride to be in the lift. She was getting married up there today so I hope the rain didn't last. We got a great view over the Quayside bridges and the Sage.

Heading home we hit heavy rain on the A1. After a coffee at Scotch Corner we left the rain behind to return to a hot and dry Yorkshire. Washing done and drying hopefully before the rain arrives here.

Really enjoyed our short break even with it coming fast on our holiday ( the original plan had been to go in August ) and we will certainly be returning - but now we really can't ignore the decorating ....

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