Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Quietly sinister ...

It's about 10am. The early sunshine has gone as a front moves in from the west, though I can see it's still bright in Glasgow and places east of us. The ferries are coming and going on the upper Firth; there's a random working ship out there on the grey. And slipping between them, with its attendant group of MOD tugs, a Trident nuclear submarine, part of the UK's deterrent based on our loch here on the Clyde, heads out to sea.

You can tell I'm not a fan. I spent years campaigning against the US Submarine base in the  Holy Loch, and I'm a fervent advocate of ridding ourselves of nuclear weapons altogether. And every time I see one of these ageing monsters, with its nuclear-powered engines and its load of Trident missiles, something inside me freezes.

And tonight the weather has well and truly broken. There's a noisy thunderstorm giving it laldy outside and the rain is washing down the windows. And when I've posted this, I shall switch off my computer. Just in case ...

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