By Shutterup

Fed up

Anyone else fed up with trying to buy avocados... why are the supermarkets so hopelessly bad at avocados.  Either they are like bullets when you buy them and then rot before you ripening or they rot before the sell by date and before you get them home!!!  Bang went my plan for these when l opened them. At £1.50 each Sainsburys will be hearing from me... 

On another note we have had a lovely weekend with the family all home.  Not only that but we woke to rain today and it has rained gently on and off all day... lovely, gentle, soaking-in rain.   The dog rolled in nice wet... erm. .yep.. well something disgusting and now there are flies following her wherever she lies down even though l shampooed her.  
Now for a quiet evening of Antiques Roadshow and Poldark.

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