But, then again . . . . .

By TrikinDave

The Fairy Glen.

It was my turn to play with the IR camera today and started off with a return visit to the Quiraing Rowan and the Secret Glen with MGF; as is often the case, with me and IR, the results were rather disappointing. MGF was off for a few days to Harris but needed a bag of apples, apparently there are some photogenic ponies there and she needed some ground bait. She's now walked out of my life and, unless she turns up on St Kilda next year, we'll probably never meet again. But I have happy memories of your company, MGF, a Facebook friendship to go with them, enjoy the rest of your life.

Onwards and upwards, I went back to the Fairy Glen in the evening and was rather pleased with the Blip. Since I seem to have an addiction for converting to pseudo-realistic colours, the extra of the same pinnacle taken from another viewpoint is a more conventional rendering.

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