...and waiting!  Been busy cleaning and preparing beds for our daughters and grandkids.  It's been 6 weeks since they've been here and I can't wait to show them around!  My love took the day off tomorrow so we're hoping to get to one of the local lakes for a swim.  

One of the stipulations when we were looking to purchase a house and property was that we'd have enough room to accommodate our family.  This little cabin fit the bill perfectly as it's rustic, quaint and now clean.  It's a one room cabin that we've put a queen size bed in and have a number of fold out mattresses in the loft that can sleep a bunch of the kids. :)  There's a very clean outhouse off to the right (see extra) and behind the cabin is an enclosed outdoor shower.  I'll show a photo of that one day. ;)

The trailer beside the cabin is the one we purchased from our neighbours just prior to moving and was my 'home sweet home' for the first 5 weeks.  It's tiny but can provide sleeping accommodations for two adults or a few kids.  

Our 2 ATV's (quads) are temporarily being stored on the porch but tomorrow morning will be buzzing all over the property as the oldest 2 grandkids take the younger 2 for rides.  Good times ahead!

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