A harey situation...

I really should have taken a picture of the bees but I wanted them to live so a bunny and pun instead..Greed, gluttony, envy, pride and wrath..

Yesterday while looking at the hummingbird feeder, I noticed it needed to be cleaned soon , and I saw a bee trying to get a drink of sugar water. Well it got itself stuck in the feeder half in and half out and a friend, lover, bee911 was desperately using every tool he / she had to free the stuck bee. It was a very frantic scene. Yes I thought of blip first but I didn't want the poor thing to drown. So I very gingerly lifted the cover off and it happily flew away..

So this afternoon when I got home from work, I saw something floating in the sugar water and figured it had drowned and it was time to clean it. The bee seemed to be greedy and wanted gluttony of a feast.. If it survived he / she would be the envy of all the other bees, and would have the pride of knowing the bee fought the feeder and the bee won. If it died, well the wrath of the sugar water would have won.. 

As I was about to lower the feeder down, I noticed the bee was bee paddling? treading sugar water trying not to drown. So what do I do now.. If I lay it on its side, I might kill by to much sloshing.. So I figure just a quick drain an hoped for the best. As I lifted the cover off another bee flew away.. Now I was sure these were the same bees in a pod or dumb and dumber - especially with all the flowers around.. Well as the last few drops of sugar water fell out, the bee fell to the side. Maybe this bee thinks its a cat, you know 9 lives? It took a good minute or two and I saw it was moving so slowly.. Do I put it out of its misery? I don't like to see critters suffer.. I waited some more.. and it started to crawl.. then it took off.. Good deed done for the day.. 

Currently there is about a dozen bees around the water cooler.. I wonder what they are talking about.. 

Tomorrow I go unload 20,000 pounds in 105 F / 41 C heat.. about 15 years ago I unload 42,000 pounds by hand in 111 F / 44 C heat.. of course I was younger and... Ice water will be flowing tomorrow.. 

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