By BernardYoung

Old Girl

I wonder if she repeats herself?

I wonder if she forgets things?

If you ask her what she had for lunch
would she be able to tell you?

Does she study the TV listings,
decide on a programme,
search through the channels
and find it’s not being shown?

Does she call her son,
or daughter,
or both,
to investigate what’s wrong?

‘There’s nothing wrong with your TV, Mum.
You’re looking at tomorrow’s programmes.
That one's on tomorrow.’

Does she repeat herself?

And what about her medication?
Does she swallow her morning tablet
and, later that morning,
forget she’s had it
and take another?

Does she recall yesterday
like it was only yesterday
or like it never existed?

‘What’s today?’ does she ask?

And does she repeat herself?

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